At Gallagher Property Management, we take pride in providing top-notch property managing agent services that exceed client expectations. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we understand the issues and challenges associated with managing multi-unit and mixed-use properties, and we are passionate about improving the way this service is delivered and how the overall industry is perceived.

Why Choose Us?

Our approach differs from many other managing agents.  We are passionate about managing the relationship between Owners Management Company directors, members, residents, and contractors involved in delivering quality services.  Our professional ethos is to work hard to eliminate issues before they arise.

 Gallagher Property Management use the pillars of effective communications; transparency and efficiency to deliver best in class service.

Effective Communications

  • Regular communications between all parties reduces potential issues and ensures smooth management of the property complex on an ongoing basis.
  • Clients are supported to communicate all property developments and upcoming


  • At Gallagher Property Management, we like people!  We believe building effective business relationships is based on an honest and upfront approach.
  • We inform clients of potential issues and work with them on a solution that is best for all parties concerned.
  • We are upfront regarding the fee structure and what can be expected from our service.


  • Gallagher Property Management is based in Broombridge Business Centre. Our convenient location, adjacent to the Broombridge LUAS station, can facilitate everything from a Board meeting to a location for Members to drop in a cheque.
  • Modern property management requires the right technology to operate efficiently.  We use a bespoke property management CRM system to manage, record and report the accounts of each development we manage.
  • We inform clients of potential issues and work with them on a solution that is best for all parties concerned.

Services Provided

Gallagher Property Management provide a full range of managed services which are tailored to suit the requirements of each Owners Management Company

The services to be provided are agreed upon in advance and detailed in an agreement set out by the Property Services Regulatory Authority, by whom we are licenced.

The broad scope of our service is covered under the following headings

  • Accounting Services
  • Corporate Services
  • Insurance Management
  • Estate Management
  • Record Keeping

We work with a full and comprehensive list of experienced contractors to service our clients’ developments.  We thoroughly vet all of our contractors prior to appointing them to any of our client’s properties.  This includes receiving evidence of current, suitable insurance cover, safety statements and tax clearance, where applicable.

Contact us today: +35318245724 to learn more about how Gallagher Property Management can help manage your development, elevate your property ownership experience in Dublin.

We look forward to partnering with you!

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